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J Tech WorldArtwork Advertising Are You Ready For The Best Google Adwords Interface?

Are You Ready For The Best Google Adwords Interface?

According to recent news, it is confirmed that Google is going to roll out a new AdWords user interface. Everyone has to adapt to the new changes to be out soon this year (2021). The new interface is going to be here with certain pros and cons and here are those:

The pros

  • The way the program page will load will be more fun. There will be certain animated effects as the new page loads.
  • Alerts at the dashboard will be better at highlighting recent changes in performance. This area is going to be highly actionable now.
  • The AdWords home tab looks better now just like different other elements where work has been done to improve the designs.
  • On the new interface the promotion extensions on advertisements are available, which can give you a more competitive advantage.
  • In addition to all these, there are a lot of new features like the Audience manager. Thus, now you should be able to target a campaign towards those people who are already engaged with your website or content.
  • Then there are bid adjustments for calls and promotion extensions too.

The cons

  • Every new development comes with a set of cons as well. These are some of the cons of the new version of AdWords interface:
  • The user might have to reset all the columns, which might seem troublesome for some website owners. Google will not port over the current columns to the new interface.
  • The new interface will somewhat clog up the screen with too many irrelevant columns. They will also not let the user use any key performance indicators or KPIs.
  • The line graph above the rows of ad group looks big now
  • The design is a bit inconsistent with uniquely used white spaces and large fonts. There are also quite a few waste areas towards the top. This often hides the information from the screen until the page has been scrolled down.

In addition to these, there are a few more cons of the new interface, which makes it no so awaited interface of the Google AdWords. While it is always welcome to bring in changes, when the user interface is affected, it is not well accepted. Also, some of the new changes will not get integrated into the new interface and those will not be supported. However, with audience management and ad testing, the current interface will definitely improve.

Change is inevitable and Google will surely do some changes in the interface at a later time to make it more usable and easy for the users. Till then, the advertisers on the web should definitely get acquainted with the new Google Adwords interface. This will only help them to perform better and promote their products and services in a better manner over the Internet.

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