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J Tech WorldTechnology news 5 Things You Need To Know When Building A Good Web Design
5 Things You Need To Know When Building A Good Web Design

5 Things You Need To Know When Building A Good Web Design

Any serious business owner looking to grow their venture should consider setting up a website. In the UAE alone,
you can find over 2.98
million users
actively engaged in digital activities. That means businesses that don’t gear themselves
for digitization are losing huge amounts of potential profits by the minute. In order to be competitive, setting up a good website is

If you’re considering opening up a business website, here are five things to keep in mind to ensure you get the
the right website that suits your needs.


1.Secure a good domain name

Your domain name is essentially your website address and is how people can find your website. One of the
important things in considering a domain name are its usability to users and SEO friendliness.

When considering a domain name, here are things to keep in mind:

  • Keep it short, simple, and easy to spell.
  • Select a domain name that’s memorable.
  • Make sure it’s broad enough to grow with your business.
  • Steer clear of numbers and hyphens.
  • Use extensions like .com or .org as these are the most trusted ones by users.
  • Opt for an SEO-friendly URL.
  • Research if your desired domain name is still available.


2.Go for a secure and scalable web host with reliable tech support

Through web hosting, you can post a website or web page on the internet without having to set up a server.
Although web hosts may seem to offer similar packages, they are not established equal. Make sure you take a
closer look at their storage, features, protection, scalability, and customer service. Then, select the best one
for your business.


3.Make sure that your website is well-written and informative

The last thing you want is to lose potential clients just because they were confused about who you are and what
you offer. So, make it a point to create the main homepage banner, an About Us section, and clear product
descriptions. You can even throw in some client testimonials and productive reviews to make your brand more
credible and appealing.


4.Create an engaging and appealing user interface.

User experience is important to make sure that your website is easy to navigate, aesthetic, and functional so it
accomplishes its purpose and leaves a lasting impression.

Here are some suggestions when creating your UI:

  • Go for attractive graphics with readable fonts and eye-catching images. Make sure you stay on brand.
  • Compress and optimize your graphics so your website loads faster.
  • Build an easy-to-use and intuitive navigation system that lets your clients find what they need quickly.
  • Add call-to-action buttons and content.
  • Benchmark what your competitor websites look like and integrate similar components to your website.
  • Make it e-commerce ready, if applicable.


5.Make it a point to optimize using SEO best practices

To rank well on search engines, you’ll need good SEO
. This is why it’s extremely
important that your website is SEO-ready; it can mean the difference between getting 50 users and 150 users in a

Although the most common knowledge when it comes to SEO is the addition of keywords, that’s not all there is to
it. Below are the elements of a good SEO strategy:

  • Keyword research
  • Optimal website code
  • Fast website loading speed
  • SSL certification
  • Mobile-friendly
  • High-quality backlinks
  • Positive reviews
  • Internal links
  • Social media links


Expand your business to the digital frontier will require a website that is done well and strategically. This is
where you can benefit from an experienced web designing company in Dubai to ensure that your business takes off
and yields optimal ROI.

At JTech World, we understand your website is your window to the world. That’s why we offer quality web
development packages that can help your business make a positive mark in the digital market share. Our team is
made up of seasoned developers who have over 400 successful projects under their belt and they’re ready to do
the same for you.

Contact us and let’s get you set up.

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