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J Tech WorldMobile App Why Every Business Needs a Mobile App

Why Every Business Needs a Mobile App


Many businesses are still skeptical about whether or not they need to incorporate a mobile app into their businesses; even those who recognize the importance of being mobile-friendly often decide against it because they don’t think their target audience will engage. But what many businesses don’t realize is that having a mobile app can be an effective way to reach customers and win over potential new ones.


What is a mobile app?

A mobile app is a software that can be downloaded onto a smartphone. This software can include games, fitness trackers, music players, and so much more. A business may choose to create an app to increase visibility on Google or other search engines. It may also be simply because it’s convenient for customers. 


88% of customers prefer businesses with apps over those without them. According to recent studies, companies using a mobile strategy generate 12% more annual revenue than those who don’t. If your business doesn’t have one, you’re missing out on huge opportunities to connect with your customers, capture leads, and increase sales. 


How Does Having a Mobile App Help a Business

No longer are mobile apps just little tools that make your life easier. They’re powerful tools that can help grow your business and provide incredible value to your customers. But what exactly is so important about having your app? Here are three main reasons:


  1. Increase Revenue & Improve Brand Recognition

A unique advantage to building your mobile app is that it can act as another form of advertisement for your brand or business. This gives customers direct access to products and services through applications on popular platforms such as Apple Store, Google Play Store, Microsoft Windows App Store, etc. When people download your app they may not only be checking out a product or service but also becoming familiar with your brand name as well. 


  1. Create Loyalty Programs

Forgoing loyalty programs isn’t uncommon among small-time startups who see it either as too expensive or unnecessary. However, giving loyal customers discounts and rewards through smartphone apps is an excellent way to gain trust, keep them coming back again and again, and stay in touch with company updates. 


  1. Generate Leads and Drive Conversions

More often than not, consumers will find your brand online rather than offline. One of the biggest challenges when trying to attract new clients is figuring out where best to direct them—there are plenty of ads online for various websites and brands but tracking each user click becomes difficult quickly. Directing them toward mobile apps where users can immediately opt into text messaging, emailing addresses, and even phone numbers allow companies to better track conversions over time. 


When looking at how valuable mobile apps truly are, there is certainly no reason why every business should try to develop one sooner rather than later. Investing in your mobile app can ultimately lead to more revenue and more exposure for both large and small companies alike so don’t hesitate to start creating today!



If you have an idea for an app, we at J Tech World can work with you to create one. Our team of experts will help you with whatever you need – from digital marketing campaigns to launching your very own mobile app. Choose only the best digital marketing agency in Dubai to get started!

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